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Renato Gabrielli, playwright and screenwriter, was born in Milan in 1966. He is a teacher of playwriting at the Scuola d’Arte Drammatica “Paolo Grassi” in Milan.

Some of his plays were produced in English-speaking countries and are available in English:

A mobile thriller (Qualcosa trilla, translated  by Margaret Rose; Hush Productions, dir. Carrie Cracknell; Herald Angel Award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2004)

Death and the City (Qualcosa trilla, Vocazione, Il figlio della 90, translated  by Margaret Rose, published in “Plays International”, April/May 2004)

A Different Language (Suspect Culture/Teatro Stabile di Trieste, dir. Graham Eatough, 2005)

Inner Circle (adapted by Martin O’Connor from Il figlio della 90, Glasgow Subway Festival, dir. Neil Doherty, 2009)

Eat Your Heart Out (Tre – Una storia d’amore, translated by Ann Marie Di Mambro, Oran Mor, Glasgow, dir. Graham Eatough, 2009)

Woman Reading (La donna che legge, translated by Margaret Rose, reading produced by Kairos Italy Theater, Italian Theater Festival New York, dir. Laura Caparrotti, 2017).

From 1997 to 2001 he worked as resident dramaturg at the Centro Teatrale Bresciano.

As a dramaturg, he also worked with the theatre company Teatro delle Moire for the shows: Never Never Neverland (2010), It’s always tea-time (2011), Playroom (2012); and with the theatre company ESTIA for the show Non Più (2011).

For the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, he adapted Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, directed by Carmelo Rifici (2012).

Among his other plays, staged in Italy:

Lettere alla fidanzata (Letters to the fiancée, 1989); Moro e il suo boia (Thomas More and his executioner, 1994; published by Edizioni “Vita e Pensiero”); Curriculum Vitae (1999); Giudici (Judges, 2002; published by the theatre review “Hystrio”); Salviamo i bambini (Let’s save the children, 2006 – awarded with Premio Speciale Autori – Centro Studi “Franco Enriquez”); Tre – Una storia d’amore (2008; published by the theatre review “Hystrio” – awarded with Premio Milano per il Teatro 2009); Questi amati orrori (2010 – published by the theatre review “Hystrio”); Combattenti (2014; published by the theatre review “Hystrio”); Redenzione (2017); Spin (2018).

His handbook Scrivere per il teatro (Edizioni Carocci) was published in 2015.

For film and television, he co-wrote the scripts of La città infinita (Rai – Rete Tre), L’albero azzurro (Rai – Rete Due), Affari di famiglia, (RTSI), La ragazza Carla (Mir/Rai Cinema/Lombardia Film Commission).

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